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Tuition & Fees

Enrollment Schedule & Application Fees

Re-enrollment for returning students opens 3/15/24: $25 application fee per student

Early enrollment for new students 4/15/24 - 5/14/24: $50 application fee per student

Regular enrollment for new students 5/15/24 - 6/14/24: $75 application fee per student

Late enrollment for new students opens 6/15/24 - 12//31/24:$100 application fee per student


First Student: $180 per term, or $540/year

Second Student: $135 per term, or $405/year

Third and subsequent Student: $70 per term, or $210/year

Payment Due Dates
*First term for first student due upon enrollment.  Remaining tuition due as follows:

Term One tuition and fees due 8/1 (mail check)

Term Two tuition and fees due 11/7
Term Three tuition and fees due 2/20

*Full Year due 8/1 for discounted tuition:
$500 total first student ($180 due at enrollment and $320 due by 8/1)
$385 total, second student
$200 total, third and subsequent students

Tuition & Fees: Welcome
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